Baby it’s freezing outside. New York City turned into a snow globe last Saturday, so naturally, I spent the entire twelve hours roughing the flurries.

To keep warm in these teen temps, I wore custom long-length pants from Mulch California. The sustainable fashion house, based out of San Clemente, creates one-of-a-kind designs and is fully committed to authenticity. Because everything is handcrafted, Mulch tailors to your sizing needs, a fashion win for any girl who is 5foot12!

It’s always a challenge to find long-length pants, so when I connected with Mulch’s co-founders, Mehr Alejandro and Philippe Zerif, they increased the length of their Van Damme harem pants to match my inseam. The final product has just enough fabric puddling at the ankle, providing the option of styling a rolled up look, which I love to do with ankle boots.

The tailored pleats and elastic waistband makes for a smart blend of the cool and the comfortable, perfect for Sunday brunch.

While I kept the rest of my outfit neutral with an oversized sheer blouse and faux leather jacket, I accessorized with Mulch California’s brand new Safety Bag for an electric pop of color. The two zipped pockets on the backpack’s exterior are ideal for storing easy access items like a Metro Card and chapstick. The bag’s main compartment is a simple drawstring closure, which provides an abundance of space for my city essentials: a camera, a wallet, and a phone charger.

Mulch California may have west coast origins, but I think their products are equally suited for east coast city life.

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