I spent last week in New York City, and it was very much summer. People bustled down the sultry Manhattan streets toting ice cream cones as if they were the latest fashion accessories (Ben and Jerry’s, please!).Since returning home to Florida, August has drawn to a close and I’m suddenly craving all things fall. I imagine the season in New York City, where orange and yellow leaves float through crisp air, where soft jazz music rumbles through the subways, where wicked layered fashion haunts the city streets.

I don’t know if autumn in NYC is really as enchanting as I imagine, but I do know that the style is golden. September has struck and I’m channeling my inner Manhattan fashionista.Going from summer to fall in a Florida-friendly fashion starts with dresses and cozy sweaters. It may not be chilly enough for scarves and gloves, but light layers are the perfect way to transition.I paired my neutral midi dress from Oak + Fort with a sandy crop sweater. If you are always freezing (like me), this outfit will keep you warm in every icy restaurant and movie theater.  

To get the look, take your favorite summer maxi dress and layer it under a comfortable sweater. Give in to your fall fashion fantasies by opting for clothing rich in warm colors or jewel tones. Sport a preppy varsity look with coordinating sneakers. I went for classic New Balance and a hint of shimmer.

Just remember, you don’t have to purchase entirely new outfits for this new season. Maximize your current wardrobe with a mix and match approach. Not only will you spice up your wardrobe, but you will also get a taste of autumn. Bring on the pumpkin lattes!

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