Do tall girls have to wear bottoms that are specifically designed for their frame in order to get a proper fit? Until an eye-opening shopping excursion last month, I was convinced so.

While cutting through a department store, my eyes caught sight of showstopper jeans: deep blue and belted at the waist with a bold, wide-leg silhouette. I had to try them on.

The 7 For All Mankind Jeans slid over my legs, buttoned at the waist, and to my surprise, they covered my ankles! It turns out, the High Rise Palazzo Jeans have a 35 1/2″ inseam.

This was my first attempt at wearing jeans that aren’t specifically “Tall,” because I never considered the fact that companies like 7 For All Mankind might carry styles with naturally long inseams.

Excited with this newfound discovery, I immediately did some research. As it turns out, many brands carry pants with inseams much longer than I’m used to seeing! Before you rule out a cute pair of pants, just because they aren’t labeled “Tall,” I encourage you to do a little digging; search them online and read up on the item specifics, where you will find the inseam measurements. I know that a 35″ inseam won’t do the trick for all tall girls, but if you fall in the 5’8″- 6’1″ range, you may be in luck!

Check out my secret picks for  long-length jeans below.

Remember to stay tuned and stand tall!


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