Liquid lipsticks are dominating the 2016 beauty scene. They swipe on like lipgloss and in a matter of seconds your glossy pucker transforms into a matte pout. Celebrated for their lasting power, staining quality, and high pigmentation, liquid lipsticks are a force to be reckoned with.

With so many brands to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select one, especially if you are about to drop $20.00! I have accumulated four different brands of liquid lipsticks over the past few months and have decided to share my thoughts on the products. After reading this article, your only struggle will be selecting one of the colors, which is no easy task!

FYI, I did not do any extra prep to my lips (exfoliation, primer, etc). It’s just me, the lipstick, and my opinions!

Brand: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Color: Pure Hollywood

Thoughts: I had high expectations for this product, and it surely lived up to them! My liquid lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills glides on smoothly and distributes evenly over the lips. Matte lipsticks are drying, however this particular brand does not make your lips look dehydrated or cracked. It lasts for hours! Even as it begins to fade, your lips will still carry a pretty tint.

Anastasia Beverly Hills sells 21 shades of liquid lipsticks. Pure Hollywood is a great neutral color. My next purchase will be the shade Blush!



Brand: Kylie Cosmetics

Color: Posie K

Thoughts: What would a review of liquid lipsticks be if I didn’t include the always sold out product by Kylie Jenner? Kylie’s lip kits include a tube of liquid lipstick and a coordinating lip liner, a unique attribute when compared with other brands. When you bring the wand to your lips, you will notice the sweet, vanilla cupcake scent; it definitely brings you back to the childhood days of Lip Smacker lip gloss! This matte lipstick is velvety, pigmented, and has the best staining power. Seriously, my lips have a pink glow when I wake up the next morning. Like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie’s lip kits don’t feel drying. In fact, I often forget that I have anything on my lips when I’m wearing it!

Kylie’s matte lip kits come in nine shades, but they always sell out immediately! Keep your eyes peeled if you want this product!


Brand: NYX

Color: Lip Lingerie Baby Doll

Thoughts: Trendy, fun, and affordable, NYX is a dream! I snagged a pale neutral shade of their liquid lipstick for $7.00. With its long, thin applicator, I applied the product and waited for it to soften. You have to let it sit for 10-20 seconds before it begins to mattify. The lasting/staining power of this particular shade wasn’t incredibly strong, however if you aren’t eating during the wearing period, this stuff stays on.

For me, this lipstick didn’t apply evenly, as my lips looked slightly cracked. But, if you are new to the liquid lipstick trend, test out the concept with one of these! NYX has the perfect palette of neutral colors. Rather than caking on multiple layers when you need to reapply, paint your lips with a glossy neutral tint over the matte. With its decent lasting power and slightly sticky texture, I think that NYX holds its own against some of the more expensive mattes out there.


Brand: Kat Von D

Color: Beloved

Thoughts: Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick is brilliant. The skinny wand is just small enough for me to apply precisely within the lines of my lips. Accurate application is crucial when it comes to staining matte lipsticks. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick transfers a very thin, pigmented layer of product across your lips. No need to add more than one layer. My punchy coral shade has fantastic lasting power; after hours of wear and a bowl of Chipotle, the lipstick held its grip to my lips!

What are your favorite lipstick colors to wear during the summer months? Comment below!


Shop my lipstick: Anastasia Beverly Hills// Kylie Cosmetics// NYX// Kat Von D


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